Longnose Hawkfish in Sudan

This is the first post about my recent trip to Sudan. I saw this pair of Longnose Hawkfish – Oxycirrhites typus amongst black coral off the South West tip of Sanganeb Reef. Hawkfish are normally solitary, and some of the other species are well known to underwater photographers as they tend to sit still on coral outcrops, […]

Pair of Longnose Hawkfish

Mimic Octopus in Shooting Wildlife Exhibition

Some of my photographs were recently selected to appear in the World Land Trust gallery exhibition – Shooting Wildlife This includes the image of a mimic octopus off Negros island in the Philippines. The World Land Trust supported the purchase of the nearby Danjugan Island, a tropical paradise which I was lucky enough to visit in […]

Mimic Octopus