Moon in waxing gibbous phase through the trees

A three-quarter moon, framed in trees, North Devon. January (Toby Gibson)

A three-quarter moon, framed in trees, North Devon. January (Toby Gibson)

The moon through the trees


Location & date

North Devon: 30th December 2014


The moon in the waxing gibbous phase, taken through trees to frame the moon. The craters on the edge of the dark area of the moon are more clearly visible in this phase.

About this image

For this image I wanted to frame the moon in a gap in the trees. Easier said than done. First I needed to find a suitable gap in the trees, which was not too difficult, but the tree in question was part of a hedgerow by the side of a road, and my tripod needed to be in the road. Second problem was that the moon is not static. I had to keep moving the tripod position each time I changed the camera settings, in order to get the perfect exposure.

Camera setup

Nikon D800, 500mm lens, Manfrotto tripod
ISO 500, f/8.0, 1/320 sec

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About Toby Gibson

Toby Gibson is a conservationist, marine biologist and photographer, with a degree in Aquatic Biology and a master's degree in Biological Photography. Toby has worked as website manager for international conservation charity World Land Trust.

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