Fluorescent coral polyps

Image under ultraviolet showing fluorescent coral polyps Location & date Wadi Lahami, Red Sea, Egypt: 23rd June 2014 Subject Corals of the Pocillopora genus are some of the fastest growing on the coral reef, and are therefore an important part of the reef building process. They tend to be found in shallow water – this one […]

Fluorescent polyps of reef building coral

View from the Old Man of Storr in Skye

Skye Landscape – Old man of Storr

View from the Old Man of Storr Location & date Isle of Skye, UK: 17th January 2014 Subject The Isle of Skye is one of the most inspirational places in the UK for landscape photography. This is a view from the Old Man of Storr back towards the Scottish mainland. A few snow-peaked mountains can […]

Double-spined or banded sea urchin

The double-spined or banded sea-urchin Echinothrix calamaris   Location & date Malapascua, Philippines: 14th November 2014 Subject A close-up of the banded (or double-spined) sea urchin Echinothrix calamaris showing the translucent anal papilla (which looks like a glitter ball). The banded spines can clearly be seen, as well as the five naked areas of test […]

Double-spined urchin

Why do fish shoal

As an experienced SCUBA diver I come across shoals of fish on virtually every dive, from tiny damselfish to schools of jack and even shoals of hammerhead sharks. It is well known that small fish form shoals for defence from predators, but how does this work? Surely a mass of prey is more visible and […]

A shoal of lyretail anthias in the Red Sea

Killing two birds with one stone 1

…And other inappropriate metaphors. How about some modern alternatives? Killing two birds with one stone I often find myself using old-fashioned expressions without paying any thought to how inappropriate they might be. As a keen birder, conservationist and bird photographer “Killing two birds with one stone” is probably the most inappropriate aphorism of all. In particular […]

Two guillemots standing out from the crowd

Water droplets on a snowdrop

A snowdrop in North Devon, covered in water droplets Location & date North Devon, UK: 9th January 2013 Subject The snowdrop {Galanthus nivalis} is the iconic winter flower in the UK, often pushing its way through the snow (hence its name) as early as January. This one has just emerged and the flower head is […]

Water droplets on a snowdrop

A sense of calm - spinner dolphins in the Red Sea

Pod of spinner dolphins

Spinner Dolphins Stenella longirostris in the Red Sea   Location & date Fury Shoals, Egypt: 26th June 2014 Subject Spinner dolphins Stenella longirostris form pods like this one in the sheltered areas of the Fury Shoals. These are relatively shallow sandy-bottommed areas, a perfect place for bringing up young dolphins. Expert boat drivers from Red […]